Why Nutritional Therapy?

I’ve had a passion for good food and nutrition for many years, and have sought advice myself from several excellent nutritional therapists. They discussed a whole new depth to nutrition that I hadn’t been aware of. Once I saw the effects that dietary changes had on my skin, mood and hormonal health- I was hooked and wanted to know more.

In early 2015 I reached a stage in my dental career and life where I was ready for a new challenge. I commonly saw patients attend my surgery with various illnesses and often on multiple medications. I knew I could help improve and restore their oral health, but would’ve loved to have been able to work with them towards improving their general health and quality of life too.

So in late 2015, I decided to enrol on the Nutritional Therapy (NT) postgraduate diploma course in Worcester…back to university I went on my days off and weekends. Choosing a course that included a good amount of clinical practice and that was recognised by BANT was important to me. I wanted to delve into the science behind nutrition and learn how to reliably sort fact from sensationalised headlines or trends.

I loved the course and there were several aspects that overlapped with dentistry. I wished we’d been taught more of this on our degree course. The depth of nutrition teaching is limited in dentistry- as it is on most medical degree courses (although there is hope of that changing in future).

I completed my NT diploma in early 2018 and now enjoy splitting my working week between dental work and seeing clients 1-to-1 in my nutrition practice. Please take a look around my new website and at the nutrition packages I offer. And don’t hesitate to book a free introductory call if you’re interested in finding out more!