Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 UK women of reproductive age and the cause is as yet unknown. Some suggest immune dysfunction, environmental toxins or a genetic predisposition as possible contributing causes.

It can be a truly debilitating and painful condition in which tissue that lines the uterus develops outside of where it is usually found in the womb. This tissue reacts to hormonal fluctuations each month by breaking down and bleeding which can lead to pain, inflammation, and over time, scarring.

Symptoms include:

  • tummy or back (pelvic) pain- often worse during a period
  • fatigue
  • painful sex
  • heavy and painful periods
  • IBS-like symptoms (gas, bloating, loose stools)
  • difficulty getting pregnant.
  • This can all contribute to depression, relationship difficulties and needing time off work or having to cancel social arrangements.

Sadly, diagnosis of endometriosis can often be delayed, especially in women who’s symptoms have been masked by the contraceptive pill from a young age.  Sometimes painkillers, hormone medications or surgery are advised to ease symptoms, but they do not treat or cure the condition.

As endometriosis is a highly inflammatory condition, driven by raised levels of oestrogen it is important to work with the body in reducing this inflammation and keeping oestrogen levels balanced. In functional nutrition we would look at ways of supporting your gut and liver in ‘clearing’ excess oestrogens and reducing foods that may provoke an inflammatory response.

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