My philosophy

Fed up of fad diets and confused by sensational media food claims?  Want to find a way of eating healthily and feeling your best? I can help guide you on this very journey.

As a Nutritional Therapist I work with clients one-to-one in person, and via Skype or Facetime, to devise a personalised nutrition plan tailored specifically for you.

I use a functional nutrition approach which involves gathering a detailed history from you and looking into the root causes of your health concerns.

Functional tests are often used to investigate hormone balance, digestive health or to assess vitamin/mineral levels for example. As a certified dnalife practitioner, I can also advise on relevant DNA testing. Test results will be shared and explained to you.

Once we have a plan I will help you make small consistent dietary and lifestyle changes to work towards your goals. We will work on building new long-lasting healthy habits to enrich your health and happiness!

How I work

  • Advice and plans are personalised for you. What works for one person may not work for you.
  • The goals I will support you in working towards are agreed by you. You decide what is important to you and which areas you feel confident making changes in.
  • We avoid ‘good’ or ‘bad’ labelling of foods and being overly restrictive. The aim is to be healthy, have a healthy relationship with food AND to enjoy life too!
  • I work within the realms of what I am trained in and can refer you to other healthcare professionals when necessary.
  • I don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure any condition. If you are under the care of your GP or specialist you are advised to continue this care.
  • I encourage you to be open and honest with me. There is never any judgement and our consultations are confidential.